The primary use case that most new clients start with is excluding existing customers from seeing acquisition campaigns. This is a simple starter campaign – we take all existing, active customers, create an audience and use that as exclusion criteria.

For example, any offer that encourages new customers to “switch and save” is both annoying for existing customers to see and a waste of budget to show them.

This first use case also has one of the strongest ROIs, so it is often the easiest first sell.


There are several use cases which can help a client acquire more customers with better targeted ad spend. The approach here leverages a brand’s segmentation of their own customers and maps that to the wider market of non-customers.

Simple Lookalike

Take all of a client’s existing customers and build a lookalike audience on them. What does this mean? It means that Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter will take the list of (for example) 50,000 of the client’s existing customers, match them to their profile on their platform and then based on their usage history on that social network, find another 5k, 50k or 500k users who most closely match the client’s customers.

Instead of building a targeting criteria based on a sample survey of a client’s customers, you can now build targeting criteria based on the real profiles of existing customers.

Advanced Lookalikes

Simple lookalike audiences let us find the portion of the total market that is most like an average customer of the brand. But we can get more specific than that. We can take a segment of the highest value customers, create a lookalike audience on Search, Social or Display and increase the bid for any new customers who might be high value.

We can also build product specific lookalike segments. Take all of an Insurance brand’s Home Insurance customers and show Home Insurance ads to their lookalikes. Build a lookalike audience for Car Insurance customers and show them Car Insurance ads.

Optimize Search

CRM data can be used to drive PPC performance in several ways. Most clients are happy to pay for brand keywords to attract new customers, but are frustrated paying for brand keywords for existing/returning customers, who would have otherwise clicked the organic result.

Using SegmentIQ can let you exclude all existing customers from generic brand keywords and free up much more PPC budget.

CRM data can also be used very effectively in conjunction with bid modifiers. High value customers, or their lookalike audiences, can have higher bids than the average searcher.

Loyalty & Retention

In addition to acquiring customers, SegmentIQ can also be used to help increase the lifetime value of customers and better retain them.


Upsell Customers

Prevent Churn

If a client’s internal CRM tools flag a customer as a churn risk, place them in an audience that sees the current best offer across Search, Social and Display

In an instance like this you can use Search almost like display – by showing high churn risks a retention offer when they search almost any relevant keyword.

Winback Lost Customers

Mirror Email Campaigns

Any email campaign sent to existing customers can now be shown to customers in their Social Feeds. Typical email campaigns can get open rates as low as 10%-20%, so 80-90% of customers aren’t seeing the message